Towards Strategic Human Resource Transformation In Emerging Economies’ Civil Services

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This paper aims to firstly, introduce insights for managing the civil service Human Resource Transformation (HRT) strategically. Secondly, to architect a result- based formwork that effectively navigates the SHRT in the civil service’s environment and bridges the gap between the current and future civil service capabilities.
The desk research approach was adopted to develop this paper and comprises two main sections. Firstly, a literature review related to change management, agile HR, HRT challenges, and HRT models embraced by private, professional institutions, development agencies, as well as leading international management consulting firms. Secondly, a suggested SHRT framework fits for the civil service’s business context.
The research demonstrated and strengthened the rational that failure in HRT programs in the private and public sectors remains a critical issue. The SHRT in the emerging economies countries needs to be engineered and managed differently through a management principals-based framework. The proposed SHRT framework constructed from six core building blocks includes Drivers, Anchors, Enablers, Programming, Stakeholders, and Institution (DAEPSI).

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